A perfect marriage of comfort and refinement.The blend of materials offers an ultra-modern finish, combining opacity and luxurious embroidered openwork, adorning the back and neckline.The matching bottoms include a transparent embroidered inlay that covers the hips, while exposing the buttocks.   Specifically designed for immediate postoperative period...

110 €

Black ensemble with beige accents. High-quality, ultra-lightweight material—like a second skin—for incomparable comfort. The high-waisted underpants offer a shapely, modern silhouette. Procedures covered : breast reconstruction, augmentation, reduction or lift   Patented Model and Technology. Class 1 medical device  

78 €

A real favorite, the Luxe is the perfect combination of comfort, support and refinement thanks to the combination of the Leavers lace from Calais stretch and a high-tech second-skin effect material.  Luxe bra is sublimated by an alchemy of materials, lines and techniques with dynamic effects on the front. The adjustment of the sub-breast band allows the...

165 €
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Thanks to its spandex and its enveloping shape, Chic Sport bra brings both support and reassuring envelopment. Its back and neckline are magnified by embroidery and red lines, which gives to this ensemble an athletic and « chic » touch.   Its magnetic accessories allows a very fast closure. Adjustable broad shoulder straps, with foam reinforcements. This...

58 € 110 €

Its rounded neckline at the front is bordered by a slightly transparent flounce.The lace is ready to make a sensation in its most spectacular release! Refined, modern, post-operative Glam bra surprises with its magnificent noble American back in stretch Leavers lace of Calais with hyper graphic designs. The rounded neckline in the front is lined with a...

140 €

The high-waisted panties are accomplished with a soft, opaque mesh on the back and a transparent embroidery yoke on the sides to the front. Very comfortable and elegant at the same time, it sculpts the figure for a very Chic result! Panties matched to post-operative bra Chic

6 € 30 €
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The high-waisted Chic Sport panties bring a curved, modern silhouette with a tonic Lycra mesh. Enhanced by embroidery, it forms with its bra both an athletic and ultra-chic set.  Panties matched to post-operative bra Chic Sport 

4 € 38 €
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Black panties embellished with beige lines. Made of high quality material, ultra lightweight second skin effect, perfect comfort, its high waist shape draws a curved and modern silhouette.   Panties matched to post-operative bra Pur

7 € 25 €
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Glam panties are made of Lycra mesh, high quality material with compact texture and perfect comfort. Highlighted by a small triangle Leavers lace from Calais, the back forms an harmonious whole with the bra. Panties matched to post-operative bra Glam.

2 € 48 €
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