Embody brings a fresh look at post surgery lingerie with innovation and boldness. Fitting every morphology like a second skin, supporting every woman made vulnerable by their intervention, keeping thinking of new solutions to improve their comfort and make their bodies look better ; that is the challenge that Embody has taken up with passion. 

The idea arose from a woman who did observe that women had difficulties in finding postoperative lingerie that could be both comfortable and elegant.

Embody was born after a two-year research and development period along with extraordinary partners. Embody stands out thanks to its great technical assets that are patent protected : magnetic snaps, innovative fabrics that brings an ideal support without compressing, at stitches and many adjustements points along with French glamour. 


Its finest fabrics give our lingerie that « couture » touch ; Calais Leavers lace, embroidery... magnified by little finishing touches. Each piece requires a great respect for French handmade manufacturing techniques : a great quality guarantee. Each garment has been well studied and tried out by surgeons amongst their patients. 

Our lingerie has been conceived especially for immediate postoperative care but women do keep wearing it on a daily basis long after their surgery, owing to its very « couture » style.